SARITHA FACILITY MANAGEMENT for Factories, Information Technology, Industries, Guest House Caretaking Services, Landscaping, Gardening, Electrical Maintenance, Building Maintenance & Manpower Supply.


SARITHA FACILITY MANAGEMENT have presentable experienced well-trained housekeeping and maintenance staff with excellent knowledge of service deliverables. We have adequate work force, which is the real backbone of our company helping us to maintain regular attendance, nil absenteeism, and immediate substitutes to serve our valued customers in a professional manner and to ensure total customer satisfaction.


Quality Assurance

SARITHA FACILITY MANAGEMENT to conducts its evaluation to identify risks associated with the property operation and maintenance.


SARITHA FACILITY MANAGEMENT to implement / modify property management systems and associated processes and procedures for the betterment of association.


SARITHA FACILITY MANAGEMENT to manage the selection of sub-contractors for operational services, corrective repairs, and annual maintenance contracts SARITHA FACILITY MANAGEMENT to carry out regular property audit through internal experts


Sfocusing on areas which include afety, Energy, Water, Cost Savings and adherence to overall management systems and associated processes.


SARITHA FACILITY MANAGEMENT to regularly adherence to the preventive maintenance program of all equipment at the property and ensure all planned repair and maintenance works are carried out, ensure all routine operations of equipment and systems are carried out and provide adequate super vision of all operations &maintenance activities. SARITHA FACILITY MANAGEMENT to conduct trainings of on-site management staff and oversee the training of the sub contracted workforce.



Quality Control

SARITHA FACILITY MANAGEMENT to interface with vendors providing services provided through annual maintenance contracts covering the scheduled delivery, timely renewals.


SARITHA FACILITY MANAGEMENT to provide benchmarking reports bi-annually to assist in budget corrections.


SARITHA FACILITY MANAGEMENT to interface with occupants within the organization to assess the performance of management services and operational sub-contractors.


Communication Strategy

SARITHA FACILITY MANAGEMENT Facility Manager will have regular communication with The Boulevard association up and the service providers.The communication methods will the occupants could through phone & software.


SARITHA FACILITY MANAGEMENT Property Manager will also maintain display boards at all receptions and basement floors; occupant surveys/findings, customer service helpdesk contacts and through


special notices. The communication will also be maintained during community events.


The communication with the association will be through regular operational reports, progress reviews, financial reports, assessment meetings, general reviews. Daily reports to SARITHA FACILITY MANAGEMENT and review meetings, daily briefings and through general reviews.





SARITHA FACILITY MANAGEMENT to ensure that the vendors carry out their services as per the guidelines stipulated by the Ministry of Environment, Central Pollution Control Board and assist the state pollution control board and conducting its surveys.


SARITHA FACILITY MANAGEMENT support association to obtain the statutory documents (eg: - Lift License, Lift Insurance, and Fire License) on time through their professional consultants at nominal cost.


and Fire License) on time through their professional consultants at nominal cost.


SARITHA FACILITY MANAGEMENT adhere to accomplish all the applicable state and central laws. SFM has been registered with ESIC, EPF, State NFH Act and Insecticides Act. SFM having the professionalism to make all the statutory payments/contributions well in time before the due dates. We give utter most care to facilitate all benefits of our employees as per the statutes.


Skills & Training

SARITHA FACILITY MANAGEMENT's energy management program will include the Coordination with the Electricity Distribution and Maintenance Company for regular maintenance On financial approval from the association, conduct Power Audit.


SARITHA FACILITY MANAGEMENT will provide the trainings to the management staff and the subcontractors: Evacuation of trapped passengers (Lifts) and Disaster management Fire drills (through Security Vendor/External vendor)